3 people around deskLakes Training Solutions takes time to liaise with clients carefully, comprehensively and intelligently. We don’t just listen, but hear what you say to us and don’t make this claim without evidence and substance to back it up. All courses are personalised in content, style and delivery. Our existing clients will support and verify this.

When you make contact with us we will invariably meet up with you face-to-face to discuss your requirements. This will include asking why you think you need the training. We have on some previous occasions, advised clients that training is not necessarily the best and most cost effective way forward, for example the solution might be simply around individual or team performance management.  If training is the solution we will discuss want you want to achieve from it, what improvements you want to realise in the workplace and the returns on investment you expect to see.

The one ‘golden-thread’ that runs through all of our courses is that they are all practically orientated. This means that the classroom theories, models and discussions are all interpreted in a practical and meaningful way that makes sense and can be used in the workplace to simple and good effect.

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