Training is expensive both in terms of the cost of delivery and employees time away from their day-to-day roles. Because of this all training needs not only to be well delivered, but produce change through improvement and enhanced performance. Course aims and outcomes should always be met.

Lakes Training Solutions ensures the quality of training through post-course evaluation to Kirkpatrick Level 1 after every training event. Further to this, the majority of courses also include Level 2 evaluation by the testing of knowledge and skills through practical application (role-plays). Copies of the Course evaluation is always made available and passed on to the client.

An evaluation of the transfer of knowledge and learning to the workplace and subsequent performance results that occur post course (Kirkpatrick Levels 3 & 4), can be undertaken if required. The level of evaluation and time frame required can be discussed when booking the course. The cost of this enhanced level of evaluation is agreed on an individual client basis.

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