Implementing Key Mediation Principles and Techniques to Manage Conflict in the Workplace:

*This course is delivered by Dawn Stainer, one of Lakes Training Solutions’ key associates. (See below to find out more about Dawn).

Conflict in the Workplace can have a detrimental impact on efficiency and motivation not to mention mental health and well-being. When colleagues suffer a breakdown in their working relationship this can create a difficult working atmosphere for the wider team and can end in a formal grievance process. There is another way.

Workplace Mediation is a growing area of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) that could have far reaching positive effects for businesses. During this highly practical course, you will learn how to use key mediation principles in your workplace to facilitate change and to create forward momentum in disputes. Throughout the day you will acquire indispensable techniques to help untangle the issues; bringing those in conflict to creative and sustainable solutions.

Course Length: 7 hours delivery
Venue: On site or by agreement
Number of Delegates: Maximum of 12
Cost: £850 to include all course materials


Course Aims

  1. To examine key principles of Workplace Mediation.
  2. To develop an understanding of the Workplace Mediation Process and how this helps to support those in dispute.
  3. To identify a range of practical techniques to assist those in dispute in the Workplace.

Course Outcomes

  1. Learn to manage and guide sessions using Mediation Principles.
  2. Recognise the benefits of using Workplace Mediation techniques.
  3. Appreciate the potential of Active Listening.
  4. Approach difficult situations such as ‘deadlock’ with more confidence.
  5. Consider the power of depersonalisation.
  6. Take away your own ‘toolkit’ to aid you in developing solutions for those in conflict.


*Dawn Stainer is a CMC Accredited Workplace and Civil and Commercial Mediator and is a Specialist Business Advisor for Mediation for the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, Catalyst Project.

Mediation is a structured but flexible process that helps individuals, workplace teams and SMEs to resolve conflict. Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution that can work in place of, or alongside HR procedures in the workplace and for Civil and Commercial matters can support Customer Services with complaints and disputes.

Mediation is person centred and means that parties are in control of the outcome; it is time and cost efficient and focuses on sustainable, workable solutions that are practical for parties to implement. The process can have a positive effect on efficiency and motivation in the workplace where parties can work together to resolve issues, and repair and maintain working relationships. Mediation also works well with small and large teams and these sessions are co-mediated with Emma McAndry of Essential Mediation Solutions.

Mediation in the workplace can help with conflict in many areas including:

  • General breakdown in communication
  • Issues of resourcing occurring between departmental or functional heads
  • Where there are issues with an individual’s conduct or behaviour
  • Conflicting perceptions of performance
  • Allegations of discrimination
  • Perceptions of unfair or unequal treatment, bullying or harassment
  • Issues that arise through team mergers
  • Before an employee pursues a formal grievance.